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William Anton Lee

William Anton Lee (349x349)As I consider what to write about, what might be my life story, I’m impressed by just how regular it is. In just about every act of my life I feel like a typical man. This is an important sentiment for those of us who are diagnosed with Klippel-Trenauany Syndrome. A lot of variables go into explaining why this is the case, likely the biggest being I was not diagnosed until 2002 at 47 years of age. By then life habits were long ago formed and a lot of life had come and gone. Several years ago, 1997, I laundry listed a few things that I thought might explain a little about me. I had started a personal journal, online, and put this list on that site. As I reviewed in preparation for writing about me for this endeavor, it occurred to me that this older listing might serve well reposted here. Certainly, it is not the final essay. It is however a good checklist to prompt my memory, thinking and writing. It is a reasonable placeholder here. Call it a “teaser.”

Seal Beach Picture with grandkids (100x100)Turning Points:

  • The day my 2-year old bro, Rick, directed traffic on the French highway
  • The day my bro, Rick, and I realized being 13-months apart wasn’t so bad after all
  • The death of my 3-year old bro, Norman, a pioneer in pediatric open-heart surgery
  • My “Nanny” taking care of us while Mom and Dad got away for a while
  • The day my youngest bro, Michael, was born and we found out he wasn’t a girl
  • The day I said no to my Mom with Dad unexpectedly home for lunch, ouch!
  • The day we chucked mud balls into the neighbor’s bathroom window, ouch!
  • Learning as a 3-year old that playing doctor with the girl next door was not a good idea
  • Being a trusted neighborhood newspaper carrier at age 9
  • This 11-year old flutist consoling my adult “jam partner” after her husband committed suicide
  • Meeting Senator Hubert H. Humphrey in his Capital office at age 12
  • M.L.K. marching on Washington, DC and giving his “I have a dream” speechimage
  • Collecting and giving the Washington, DC marchers food and bedding and welcoming them to our city
  • The assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • The assassination of Martin Luther King
  • Nearly drowning in the Glen Echo Public Swimming Pool
  • The 1964 New York World’s Fair
  • Summer 1964 vacationing at the Catskill Mountain Lake Hotel, a living ‘hommage’ to Dirty Dancing
  • Holy Redeemer Elementary School, Kensington, MD
  • Teacher Sister Rose Bernadette taking noticing of a quirky kid
  • Michelle Nys and Mary Anne Clark awaking the sleeping lion
  • Michael Toussaint being a great childhood friend
  • Sadly losing our choir director in 1965 because parents couldn’t deal w/ gay
  • Summer vacation in Germany and our last visit with my “Opa”
  • Vatican Council II throwing the baby out with the bath water
  • Dad leaving us for a tour-of-duty in Fairbanks, Alaska, and Mom learning to drive, scary!
  • Moving to Sacramento, CA from Kensington, MD 3-months before the family joined me
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard being wonderful “parents” for 3 months
  • Christian Brothers High School, Sacramento, CA
  • Teachers Br. Thomas, Br. Ed, Br. Claude and Mrs. Frascinetti
  • John Morton and Tom Santiago being great high school buddiesimage
  • Summer vacation in Fullerton, CA and our last visit with my “Grandpa Lee”
  • The day I realized my Dad was more than ten $20 bills on the buffet
  • My parent’s finally divorcing
  • The day my Dad sold me his nearly new 1968 VW Bug for a promise
  • Carl Keech teaching me that friendship has no age limit
  • Diana Trumble teaching me girl “friends” are about more than a kiss
  • LaVonna and Charles Trumble trusting me, ok Diana
  • My early career with McDonald’s Restaurant
  • Greg Kuster telling me his sister was, well frankly wrong headed
  • Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church Youth Group
  • Nick Gladysz teaching me to relax and how to be a friend for life
  • Debbi Gladysz for trustung Nick when he said Dawne and I were cool
  • Jim and BJ Wagner teaching me that family can be your best friends too
  • John Zimlich bringing me to my senses about love
  • Randy Langan teaching me to laugh
  • Cindy Crowder being the sister I never had
  • Dawne Leslie Wood saying YES and never wavering image
  • Robert and Lois Wood trusting me with their daughter
  • The day Robert Wood called me son, noting he liked the idea
  • The day Elliot Machit my buddy died
  • The day Judy Machit asked me to memorialize Elliot
  • American River College, Sacramento, CA
  • Professor Whitmer who taught me I was smarter than I thought
  • Professor Williams who taught me courage
  • California State University, Sacramento
  • Professor Art Sherman hiring me as his test writer
  • The day Ken Kruger validated my dream to be an educated, professional working stiff
  • Carl Seymour being there every time I call, even months later
  • Sacramento Employment and Training Agency
  • The day I learned politics trumps pragmatism, particularly in local government
  • Norma Johnson trusting me, a slightly obsessive-compulsive white guy
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Carl Andonini teaching me government bosses are blind to invention and genius
  • Sheila Wright (now Vickers) picking me off the ground, regularly
  • The birth of my kids, Michelle and Robert
  • The birth of our “adopted” kids, Allyson, Nicole, Stacy, Nick and Michelle
  • The amazing strength of character and kindness of all our kids
  • Cullinet Software, the best job I ever had
  • Debra Stacuzzi showing me Boston and moreimage
  • The day the doctor’s told me my Mom had ALS and three months to live
  • My bro Michael taking Mom home to Germany and caring for her for 2 years, wow
  • The day I said hello and good-bye to Sierra Photocopy Services, Inc.
  • Shane Balkowitsch being a loyal and exceptional young co-worker
  • Shane Balkowitsch tracking me down years later to say hey; wow!
  • The day my kids celebrated their acceptance into the OC High School of the Arts
  • The day my daughter, Michelle, announced she was going to be a teacher, not a psychologist
  • The day my son, Robert, announced he was going to be a professional dancer, not a soccer player
  • Each of the days when the kids announced they were engaged
  • Each of the days when the kids went through with it and wed wonderful partners
  • Realizing our children’s spouses, Michael and Alex, and their parents and kin considered us family
  • Each of the days my godchildren, Nicole and Stacy, married their sweethearts
  • The day we buried Dad at Arlington National Cemeteryimage
  • The day my father in-law Robert Wood retired
  • The day my father in-law Robert Wood died
  • Robert Wood’s memorial at his beloved Masonic Lodge
  • The day my grandson, Matthew, was born
  • The day my grandson, Anthony, was born
  • The day my granddaughter, Frankie, was born.
  • The day they diagnosed me with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome
  • The day Dr. Harward, vascular surgeon extraordinaire, concurred
  • The day the Federal Law Judge reversed 5-years of Social Security admin hell
  • Sitting in Bankruptcy Court feeling like I was a criminal
  • Being a 5-year Trustee for the Orange County School of the Arts
  • The day Mayor Pulido, Santa Ana, CA, gave the Orange County School of the Arts a home
  • The day the Orange County School of the Arts made me a 20-Year imageAnniversary Honoree
  • The Klippel-Trenaunay Support Organization honoring with a Board appointment
  • James and Gabby Ventham from England stealing a day to meet us
  • Meeting K-T Companion St. Marie and her family while they vacationed
  • SoCal K-T Companions gathering with us at our daughter home
  • April Matthews Guidetti sticking with us through exhausting Real Estate deals
  • Driving my Vintage Corvette when the axle/wheel bearing sheered off
  • The day my lovely wife and life partner was diagnosed with Breast Cancer
  • Today, as Dawne and I awoke six feet up and ready to rock and roll


  • Fort Huachuca/AZ (Army Brat)

Baby Years:

  • Fort Huachuca/AZ to San Antonio/TX to St Louis/MS


  • St Louis/MS to Verdun/France to Kensington/MD

Teen Years:

  • Kensington/MD to Carmichael/CA

College Years:

  • Carmichael/CA

Adult Years:

  • California including Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Sacramento, Anaheim, Los Alamitos, Running Springs, Lake Elsinore and Aguanga


  • USA, Germany and France


  • Philosophy, Psychology, Research Methodologies, Applied Statistics & Business Management


  • Project Management, Information Systems Management, & Certified Compensation Professional


  • Government
  • Private Sector
  • Laborer
  • Crew Leader
  • Manager
  • Personnel Officer
  • Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Consultant
  • Business Executive
  • Community Volunteer


  • Humanity
  • Family
  • Constructive Conversation
  • Children’s Education and Maturation
  • Art and Arts Education
  • Photography
  • Bettering Community
  • Systems Improvement
  • Conservation and Sustainable Eco Systems
  • Refurbishing and Repurposing
  • Writing
  • Self-Actualization

3 comments on “William Anton Lee

  1. Tracey Clark
    2014, May 18

    Love it! educational for me because I lost my memory along the road somewhere! Ha Ha!t


    • William Anton Lee
      2014, May 21

      Thank you. Very random stuff. As I have those recall moments I try to write them down now because these memories are fading quickly these days. 😉


  2. ruby/veronika
    2015, October 28

    Stumbled here by accident…..in deed you must be the voice at the back of my mind, my kt brother. Awsome to read and realise, what impact there is here , although I am far away from my kt family by distance, I know now I am not so much alone as I thought I was . ♡ lots of love to Dawne ♡


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