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James Ventham [UK]

I’m James, I’m 35 and live in Birmingham, England. I was diagnosed with KT when I was four months old, and had an amputation at four months old as well.

I am the middle child of three and am from a wonderful family, I’m very happily married, and about to try and start a family of my own, just in case I though life was too easy!

I had the honour of meeting Bill and Dawne in 2013 whilst visiting America, and it was something that made me feel that there is a very powerful bond between us KT’ers. We can all offer so much to people who are affected by it and those that come into contact,  being 35 I really wish I’d known of someone else with this before I hit 30, that’s what we as a community can offer, support, experience, stories and love.

Anyway, I’m proud to be part of this project going forward, and please any and all of you always feel free to contact me with anything and everything,

All the best,


. kt | diagnosed
. UK
. England
. West Midlands
. Birmingham

James Ventham

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